Sabai Sabai !

Restore energetic balance throughout the body with a 60 minute Thai Foot Reflexology session. Points on the feet are stimulated with a specially designed rosewood tool which in turn induces a "reflex" in corresponding organs or areas (i.e. spine, eyes, neck). This reflex action encourages the innate healing wisdom of each organ or area to activate, inducing a higher function of being and wellness!

Benefits include:

Revitalizes natural energy flow Reduces headaches/migrainesImprove sleep patternsIncreases circulation

60 minutes


spa bath

This signature detox collection is for the highly stressed individual looking for a serious detox.

The session will begin with Dry Brushing, to quickly bring circulation to the surface of the skin and to also gently exfoliate and prepare for application of our moor mud. The moor mud body wrap will last for 30 minutes as you lay under our far infrared sauna dome to hasten to detoxification process. Allow your body to reminerilze and purify! While laying in the sauna dome your therapist will perform reflexology on the face, ears and scalp.

After the bodywrap you will step into our state of the art HydroCo Hydrotone Soaking tub, that has 107 jets which easily melt away any remaining tension. A mixture containing seaweed and minerals will be poured into the hydrotherapy tub to help further your detoxification journey. As circulation increases so does the rate at which toxins will be eliminated from the body. Any skin conditions will find relief such as psoriasis, eczema, dry skin or acne. After your 25 minute soak and hydro massage you will step into one of our other relaxing massage rooms to then receive a 60 minute customized massage.

2 Hours & 20 Mins


Thai Foot Reflexology

Couples Massage

Signature Detox Collection

No Frame

Enjoy a therapeutic massage with your significant other in the same room. Each will have his or her own therapist to expertly work away tension and bring a sense of well-being.

(2) 60 Minute Massages